The Parish Council have been aware that an unauthorised traveller encampment was set up on Saturday 30 April 2022 on public open space at Buckton Fields (behind Buckton Fields Primary School, off Brampton Lane).

This land is owned by the developers of the housing development (Bloor Homes and Martin Grant Homes).

The Parish Clerk received a report from a resident that the Northamptonshire Traveller Unit (NTU) has attended the site but has no further update at this stage.

The Parish Clerk has made direct contact the NTU and the developers and will post any updates once received.

UPDATE – 03.05.2022 – The Parish Clerk has spoken with NTU, they will attend the site today but ultimately the land owner must decide how to proceed with returning the site to a public open space. The Council have asked the developers to keep them up to date with their next steps.

The Council have made the developers aware of a “small fire” at the site but they are not aware of any other anti-social behaviour at this time. Should residents become concerned about any activity, residents can telephone 101 or complete the online form. Such reports, as always, will be forwarded to the Parish’s Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

UPDATE – 03.05.2022 – The Parish Clerk has spoken with Bloor Homes who are investigating the possible remedies. They have confirmed they will keep the Council updated.

UPDATE – 04.05.2022 – The Parish Clerk has been informed that residents are now experiencing varying degrees of anti-social behaviour. The Clerk has requested the PCSO contact her. As before, should residents become concerned about any activity, residents can telephone 101 or complete the online form

UPDATE – 04.05.2022 – The Parish Clerk, so far, has received 19 emails from residents noting their concern about the unauthorised encampment and a request that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is used to protect the open spaces from vehicular access. The Clerk has included the suggestion on the CIL suggestion spreadsheet.

The CIL Roadshow is an opportunity for residents to discuss how, and where, to invest the £214k received from the developers. Residents are encouraged and welcome to attend the CIL roadshow on:-

Tuesday 24 May 2022, 6pm at Buckton Fields School (the Annual Parish Meeting) – please RSVP to the Parish Clerk, so we can safely accommodate all guests

Saturday 4 June 2022, 11am – 3pm at Boughton Village Hall (a drop in session)

Sunday 5 June 2022, 11am – 3pm at Boughton Village Hall (a drop in session)

UPDATE – 04.05.2022 – The Council wish to thank residents for their efforts in keeping them informed with the current activity at Buckton Fields, their concerns and suggestions moving forward. The Parish Clerk has received video footage of anti-social behaviour taking place at Buckton Fields and it is understood that it has been reported to the police. The Clerk has forwarded the video footage to the developers of Buckton Fields. Please continue to complete the online form if you wish to report a crime:

UPDATE – 04.05.2022 – The Buckton Fields Liaison Forum is a meeting held with the developers, WNC and the Parish Council to generally discuss the Buckton Fields development. The next meeting is due to take place on Wednesday 25 May. The first agenda item will be the “unauthorised encampment” to discuss the actions taken to date and also steps to secure the site going forward.

UPDATE – 05.05.2022 – The Clerk has been informed that notice to vacate the site was served yesterday. The Police have advised that the site should be vacated by noon today. The Council are in contact with the developers about the next steps to clear and secure the site and will provide updates as soon as they are available.

UPDATE – 06.05.2022 – The Clerk has been informed that the site has now been vacated. The developers employed security to secure the site overnight. Security will remain at the site until machines arrive this morning to create bunds to block access. It is also understood that some residents have parked their vehicles to block access in the meantime.

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