wide road with street lights

Below is a map of the street lights that Boughton Parish Council are responsible for. The Council have a maintenance contract with E.on and should anyone notice that a street light is not working, they can contact the Parish Clerk, Ciara Wanstall, and she will contact E.on directly.

The Parish Clerk has recently reported the following street lights as not working:-

DateStreet Light NumberStreet Location
05/01/202218Humfrey Lane
06/02/20223Vyse Road
07/02/202247Church Street
18/02/200244Humfrey Lane
09/03/202251 & 37 Spring Close
09/03/202247Church Street (reported again)
22/03/202244Humfrey Lane (reported again)
23/03/202242Vyse Road
04/04/202216Church Street

The lights should be fixed within 10 working days.

Should you have any questions about the street lights or anything else, the Parish Clerk can be contacted by email: clerk@boughtonparishcouncil.co.uk or telephone: 07918329763.

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