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Boughton Parish Council, as a statutory consultee, typically have 21 days to submit comments, if any, to West Northamptonshire Council in respect of local planning applications. Whilst West Northamptonshire Council (“WNC”) will consider the Parish Council’s comments, WNC are the Local Planning Authority and therefore they make the final decision.

If you wish to express your views on the following planning applications, please either contact WNC directly or the Parish Clerk.

Documents relating to the planning applications are uploaded on to the WNC planning portal, which can be found here: –

Application ref:LocationProposalDate receivedComments to WNC byParish Council Comments
WND/2021/0513Church View, Spring Close, Boughton, Northamptonshire, NN2 8SJRemoval of existing tennis court and construction of proposed pool house.6 September 202127 September 2021No comment
WND/2021/047337 Tiverton Avenue, Boughton, Northamptonshire, NN2 8LYDemolition of two garages, porch and conservatory.  Construction of two storey extension to north side, with two storey wing to east side to form new garage block with first floor annex over, two storey extension to south side, and single storey extension to west side.6 September 202127 September 2021No comment
WND/2021/0433Smiths Farm Shop, Brampton Lane, Boughton, Northamptonshire, NN6 8AA  Demolition of former greenhouse buildings and construction of new building with 3 no. ground floor retail units (Class E a) and first floor office (Class E Ci) with new car parking areas and associated works3 September 202124 September 2021Welcomed and supported
WND/2021/0281Boughton Grange, Harborough Road North, Boughton, Northamptonshire, NN2 8SWVariation of Condition 2 of planning permission DA/2017/0851 to remove garage from Boughton Grange South.2 September 202123 September 2021No comment
WND/2021/0444Phase 3 Buckton Fields, off Brampton Lane, Boughton, NorthamptonshireReserved matters application (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for the development of 260 dwellings including the community facility and apartments within the local centre (Zone 3) pursuant to outline approval DA/2011/0666 mixed use development comprising of up to 1050 dwellings (C3), B1 employment, residential care home (C2),park and ride facility of up to 500 spaces, local centre (A1/A2/A3/A5), primary school, public open space and associated highways and drainage infrastructure approval 6.11.2018 and approval of Condition 11 (boundary treatments), Condition 12 (street lighting), Condition 13 (finish floor levels), Condition 17 (open space details), Condition 26 (secured by design details), Condition 27 (electric charging), Condition 28 (tree protection), Condition 31 (badger mitigation) and Condition 32 (species survey).27 August 202118 September 2021A detailed letter of response (to be posted as a separate post)
WND/2021/0454  Quietways, Humfrey Lane, Boughton, Northamptonshire, NN2 8RNWork to tree subject of Tree Preservation Order DA435.16 August 20216 September 2021No comment
WND/2021/0439Land Off Home Farm Drive, Northamptonshire, NN2 8ESVariation of Condition 14 of planning permission DA2020/0465 to allow proposed bus stop lay-bys and school keep clear markings to be installed no later than 1 year prior to school first opening rather than before school first opening to pupils.16 August 20216 September 2021strongly object to any delay installing school keep clear markings and road signage but no objection to the proposed extension of time for creating the bus stop lay-bys  
WND/2021/03424 Bochetone, Boughton, Northamptonshire NN2 8EXConversion of integral garage to dining room and replacement of windows on front elevation.5 August 202126 August 2021No comment

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