Villagers may have noticed that Boughton village is bursting with a colourful display of plants. The Parish Council instructed Plantscape to install 14 lamppost hanging baskets, one large planter near the Pocket Park entrance on Humfrey Lane and three floral displays by the village signs. Plantascape is also responsible for feeding and watering the plants.  Adding this floral colour to the Parish has not been an easy task, For example, hanging baskets can’t be placed on telegraph poles, only lampposts. In Buckton Fields these are still owned and managed by the developer and, at this time, insurance issues were difficult to overcome. A lot of time and effort has gone into the project from Councillor Rosie McDonnell and Terri Wright. The pair personally planted all the flowers around the chestnut tree on Butchers Lane. This planting scheme is very much a trial. If deemed a success, the Parish Council would hope to overcome insurance issues elsewhere in the Parish and extend the scheme. If you have any feedback, please contact the Parish Clerk, Ciara Wanstall by email or by calling 07918329763.

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